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Lexington Limos Pricing Policies

At Lexington Limos, we do everything possible to make sure that you get the best rate for your limousine rental. With that said, we'd like to tell you to beware companies who post flat rates on their websites because they are either being untruthful or not going out of their way to save you money. There should never be a flat-rate price regarding limousine rental. The reasons why can be illustrated by some of the things that we do to lower your rate ...

There are parts of the year that are less busy and therefore, we can give you a lower price for your rental. Additionally, the day of the week can play a big role in the amount that you have to pay for a limousine rental. On top of those things, any company who is truly attempting to assist you will offer things like Wedding Packages & Day Rental Rates.

Your best bet is to call us and have us give you a free quote! Any member of our staff would be more than happy to assist you and our phones are open all hours of the day and night, every day of the year!