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Lexington Limos Events

Obviously the below list isn't comprised of the only events that we have catered to over our time of doing business but they give you a good idea of the different types of groups and occasions that we've serviced!


There is so much planning that goes into your wedding and so much stress can take over what is supposed to be a beautiful and peaceful day. The most that we can do to lessen those negatives is make sure that you needn't worry about being comfortable, getting to your destinations or arriving on time. With red carpet service, included amenities and the right vehicle for any bridal party, Lexington Limos is definitely your right choice when saying "I do!"

Historical Tours

There is so much to see in the metropolitan Lexington area and because we at Lexington Limos are from here, we understand that you'd like to do as much as possible with your allotted time. Therefore, we have employed only the most professional and knowledgeable drivers - those who have experienced the very places that you are visiting, who know the quickest ways from point a. to point b. and who can even advise you on additional stops; time permitting. From the African American Trail in downtown Lexington to historically relative sites that have been restored from the Civil War - we've got your classy, comfortable and in-the-know transportation needs covered! Knowing that Lexington is one of the few places that had armies from both the North and the South within it lets any of you history buffs know in advance, this will be a travel-heavy trip! Perhaps along the way, the actual covered bridges that inspired "The Bridges of Madison County" could be gandered upon. (They weren't actually in Madison County).

Bourbon Distillery Tours

The Lexington area has as many (or more) distilleries for major bourbon suppliers than any competing city in the world! Therefore, if you are here on vacation, we'll help you to set up a tour or two for in between the destinations you already have planned!

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

We know that you wish to pack as much fun into these nights as possible because chances are; you won't get to do it again! So, we've made ourselves and our drivers completely acquainted with our area nightclubs, pubs, restaurants and other places of interest and we're happy to be sure that your mind only be occupied on having as much fun as possible and enjoying yourself!

Corporate Travel

As much as we love our line of work, we know that business is stressful and we're fully aware that meeting deadlines and making it to all of the places we must go can be daunting tasks. These reasons are why we treat our local and visiting professionals with as much courtesy as possible and take their collective itineraries as seriously as they do. Just put your feet up, focus on only the things that pertain to your business and we'll handle the rest!

Out of Town Info

If you're looking to go sightseeing in the great city of Chicago, be sure to check out our friend's post!